Chilton Broadcast: Manufactures Radio Broadcast Studio Equipment

Established 1970 in Richmond Surrey, UK.

 A reliable product with the right facilities and longevity, will provide repeat 
  business from satisfied customers:
  Robust and solid engineering ensures no design changes are required to
  satisfy extreme conditions.  Never under engineered.


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Chilton Broadcast: VCA Headphone Distribution Amplifier

VCA Internal View

Remote controlled 4 Output V.C.A. Headphone Distribution Amplifier.

Rack or Free standing. Power Transistor Outputs. Low Distortion and Noise.

XLR in/out on Rear . Jack (6.3mm) in/out on Front Panel.

Version "A" less Front Panel Controls. V.C.A. Port only. Version "B" Front Panel Controls and V.C.A. Port.

Version "A" £285.00  "B" £320 Quantity Discount available.

VCA Description link below shows: Table of maximum power and voltage outputs

Per channel (total 8) for various Headphone Impedance.

VCA Description  Suggest reading this Engineer's Perspective by  Northwest Audio


       Key to controls

Chilton Broadcast: Telephone Hybrid. Auto Balance Unit AH1

Hybrid Details    Telephone Auto Balance Unit AH1        AH1 Installation

   *With Parametric Equalisation, Auto Ducking and Noise/Echo Reduction

  *Hybrid for On-Air Studio Applications.  Remote Port.  Auto Connect/Disconnect Link.

    *AH-1 Single with Equalisation   £320.00 Nett      PDF  Version

Chilton Broadcast : Line Distribution Amplifier Plus 26

DA26  Details Line Distribution Amplifier 12 Mono 6 stereo Outputs


Archive Files Information on discontinued Products 1979-1995


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