Manufacturing Policy

  We have adopted a manufacturing Ethos that all products are manufactured in-house.
  So as to maintain a standard of producing good quality hardware built with precision.
  All Chilton, products have a solid and robust frame enabling the product to be used in
  any environment. In many harsh condition, sometimes with inexperienced heavy
  handed operators. The internal economic benefit is that precision manufacturing
  provides a cost-effective solution to assembly and inspection. Also reducing rejection
  rates, a problem systematic with out-sourcing. All the Printed Circuit boards are
  designed in house as is all metal / hard wood fabrication. All components are multi-
  source to ensure their availability globally for many years. Spares are normally held
  in stock for10 years minimum. This philosophy has earned Chilton a reputation that is
  synonymous with longevity.

A reliable product with the right facilities and longevity, will provide repeat 
  business from satisfied customers.
  Robust and solid engineering ensures no design changes are required to
  satisfy extreme conditions.  Never under engineered.

 Feel free to contact me with questions or comments

 Tom Reps

 Product Designer and Quality Control Since 1970